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What . . .
is terroir?
is local food?
are food miles?
is a locavore?
does sustainable mean?

Top 10 foods to . . .
source locally
grow at home


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Eating Your Veggies:
Not As Good For You?

Food miles are
less important to
environment than
food choices

Food That Travels Well

Shoppers Willing
to Pay Premium
for Locally Grown Food

How to Pick a Peach
by Russ Parsons

Animal, Vegetable,
Miracle: A Year of
Food Life
by Barbara Kingsolver

The Taste of Place
by Amy Trubek

Your Bounty


Preserving Your Bounty

Last year, the canning and jam making bug bit me. A few burns, scrapes and tired arches later, my pantry is stocked with canned peaches, peach butter, peach jam, applesauce, pickles and homemade ketchup.

My freezer is full with frozen peach slices and ratatouille. My spice drawer is full of homemade dried herbs.

It's the been the best way to get through the cold winter months and let produce that may have gone to waste become a work horse in the kitchen.

Here are few links to get you started on preserving your bounty:

Plus, don't miss the standard for food preservation, Putting Food By. I've owned a copy of this book for quite a while, and while it may seem like a foreign language if you're new to canning, etc. - once you start canning, it becomes your go-to for times, temperatures, and more. A must-have.





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