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What . . .
is terroir?
is local food?
are food miles?
is a locavore?
does sustainable mean?

Top 10 foods to . . .
source locally
grow at home


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Top Ten Foods You Can Grow Easily Yourself

Here are our top 10 foods you can easily, and typically inexpensively, grow yourself. Whether you plant these in a small plot or in large containers on your deck or patio, all of these can easily be started from seed or plants from your garden center. If you do plant these in pots, we recommend using potting soil that contains crystals that retain water for slow release and using a fertilizer that is added to your watering can up to once a week. 

You'll notice a wide variety of herbs on this list - they are all very hardy and can save you quite a bit of money on your grocery bill  - and while they're in peak season during the summer, you'll have the joy of taking fresh clippings for last minute suppers.  We keep ours in pots near our kitchen door.

We've even had luck growing a few leafy things indoors - baby mesclun greens along with sage, thyme and flat leaf parsley grow well in a sunny inside window year-round - even in cold, Midwestern winters.

  1. Basil

  2. Edible flowers like pansies and nasturtiums

  3. Mesclun salad greens

  4. Patio tomatoes

  5. Thyme

  6. Flat leaf parsley

  7. Sage

  8. Hot peppers

  9. Rosemary

  10. Japanese or Indian eggplant





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