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What . . .
is terroir?
is local food?
are food miles?
is a locavore?
does sustainable mean?

Top 10 foods to . . .
source locally
grow at home


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Top 10 Foods to Source Locally:

Here are some of the simplest and best foods to source locally - especially in the Midwest.  From producers to growers, these are food stuffs that benefit from terroir, are available at their peak season, and can help your local economy directly.  Plus, they're they can often be cheaper and easily found at farmers markets and smaller grocery stores:

  1. Eggs

  2. Chicken

  3. Honey and Jams

  4. Greens

  5. Fruit including Berries and Orchard Fruits

  6. Tomatoes

  7. Herbs

  8. Summer and Winter Squashes

  9. Beef and Pork

  10. Cheeses


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